I'm always in to give a brand strategy workshop for a group of entrepreneurs. My workshops contain both theory and practical tools to implement directly. 

Besides tailor made workshops I also give a few workshops with partners.

Branding & visibility - together with Noeska Pak >

Branding & change management with Teska Koch >

Branding workshop - tailor made >


- Together with Noeska Pak (lifestyle coach).


Inspiration & tools for entrepreneurs who want to take the next step with their brand. A workshop that combines brand strategy & personal development, so that you & your business are able to grow.

It will be a practical workshop to implement the knowledge right away (Language: Dutch).

First upcoming:
Juli 2020 - details follow soon



 - together with Teska Koch
(Change management expert).

For teams of smaller enterprises and scale ups (25+) who need to rethink their business in times of change. Let's develop a company proposition that fits the new situation better. We co-create a brand story and integrate it in your external & internal communication. This session will be  tailor made based on your company needs.



- Tailor made for your group.
For mastermind groups or business communities.

In my brand strategy workshop I tend to combine inspirational campaigns, practical branding tools to evoke inspiration and a creative mindset to get the group started.


During my workshop you make the framework for your own brand. Define your core values, mission & vision statement. 



My rates for a tailor made workshop start around €450,- per workshop, depending on the time frame and group wishes. 


Rosa Hoynck van Papendrecht

Amsterdam (& Valencia) based  

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