I'm curious to find out what drives your organization. Let's co-create focus, a clear direction and a strong value proposition.

distinctive blue print for your organization that serves your team, your client and makes an impact on society. 



Together with you and your team we develop a clear and distinctive brand story.

Price: between €1.900 - €2.800

For impact-makers who want to develop a clear blue print for their brand and grow their impact.

1. Intake 
Formulate the challenge and goal we would like to accomplish. 

2. Gain insights 

From employers customers and competitors.

3. Brand thinking
Brainstorm about how we define the brand and bring it to live.
I always involve the whole team to guarantee everyone will support the adjusted focus.


4. Brand making

Write the strategy, develop the brand elements and expressions.

Clear focus in the team, distinctive value proposition, better visible, easier to make decisions aligned with your mission.

I use different methodes during the process, depending on the need.

E.g.: Scientific based method to define your core values
​ (23plusone), qualitative or quantitative* research, desk research, Brand Thinking Canvas.

Brand guide document including strategy and brand assets* 

*logo, fonts, brand elements, 

visuals, website & social look & feel - together with a designer from my network.

My office is located in Amsterdam City Center, but I can also meet online or host the brainstorm session in-house.



A clear content strategy formulates how your brand strategy
comes to live.


We brainstorm on what communication channels, campaigns, events, partnerships and ideas are needed to become visible to your audience. 

Price: let's discuss what you need.

For impact-makers who want to to become better visible for their audience and need focus in their communication channels and content creation.

Knowing what channels & partners your team needs to invest more time & effort.


Become better visible for your audience.

Content strategy document with:

  • Target group persona's

  • Communication channels & improvements

  • Content domains, theme's & calender

  • Potential partners and ideas to reach your audience.  



Rosa Hoynck van Papendrecht

Amsterdam (& Valencia) based  

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