I'm curious to find out what drives your organization. Let's co-create a clear direction and a strong value proposition.


We all compete in some way for time, attention, investment or talented employees. That’s why building a strong brand will benefit you as a person, organization, foundation, society and even the government.  

A strong brand makes it easier for you to connect with your target group. It gives you and your team a clear direction. It makes you distinctive and recognizable. It is the force behind everything you do.


Depending on your needs and budget I offer a full brand strategy pack or strategy brainstorm boost. 

Brainstorm boost

A kick-start to develop your main goals, the key message and emotion of your brand.

Brand strategy

Together we will create a strong value proposition and brand story.


Brainstorm boost

To get the kick-start you need to take your organization or message to the next level. During this day( we will be focusing on your main goals, the key message and emotion of your brand. What is the why behind everything you do? What is your value proposition? What does this mean for your target group?


Depending on your needs, we can create extra focus on:

- Customer journey 

- Sales pitch

- Customer profiles

- Marketing key activities

- Content creation

- Social content  

- Website flow 


Who is it for?

  • Start-ups and entrepreneurs who are working on a new product, service or website.

  • Organizations and agencies that need a
    new boost for their marketing plans.


  • Brainstorm 

  • Recap document 

  • 2x coach call afterwards

Starting from €625,- (excl)


Brand essentials

​From my own experience it is difficult to write your own brand essence. An objective and experienced outsider will not only save you time and energy, but also gives you a new perspective.

Together we will develop a strong value proposition and brand story, starting with a brainstorm session with you/your team. The output will be a brand strategy document with your brand essence, core values, mission and vision statement, brand story and brand persona.

This document will be the force behind everything you do. It will guide you and your team in making decisions about the website, products, services and partnerships. It will be the starting point for a designer, and your marketing activities.


Who is it for?

Organizations, start-ups and entrepreneurs
who need help with formulating
their value proposition. 


  • Kick off meeting to discuss goals, and future plans

  • Brainstorm session

  • A brandbook with

    • Brand essence

    • Mission and vision statement

    • Core values

    • Brand story

    • Tone of voice 

    • Brand persona

    • Customer journey

    • Actionable marketing steps for more conversion

  • Full support and advice in between


*We can add: content strategy, design, website, content creation, content calendar, customer research, photography, email funnel, social plan and set up an online and offline campaign.

Starting from €2850,- (excl)


Rozemarijn Koopmans,
Co-founder, Multitude

Rosa helps us on a regular basis to fine-tune our communication plans. She gets to the bottom of things with her analytical eye and goal-oriented approach. She keeps us accountable in every session. We are very happy with this collaboration!

Jildou Oostenbrug, 

Personal leadership coach

I hired Rosa for a 1-on-1 session to discuss my own brand strategy. I needed a fresh look and new inspiration. Rosa delivers quality and really gives everything she has in one session. She knows what she's talking about, goes the extra mile, is very experienced and challenges you with much enthusiasm. A lovely person to work with. I am entering spring with a great amount of inspiration and concrete tools.

Steven Furnee, 

 Co-founder, Risor Furniture

Hands on, but also a very creative professional who combines creativity with a no-nonsense focus on what really adds value to your company marketing strategy. Working with Rosa feels like a walk in the park, she did a great job in opening our strategy eyes. With her help we created RISØRs new marketing strategy and its branding. Highly recommend working with her, she gets the job done!