Amy Gartrell,
Creative Photographer

I sat down with Rosa hoping to get some insight as to who I want my target audience to be and how I can best reach them.
I was so pleased with how much more I got out of this 1 on 1 session! Rosa was extremely organised and had multiple exercises for us to work through together.

I left feeling so motivated with a really clear vision as to what I need to do next in order to grow my business. I couldn't recommend Rosa more.

Zoë van der Velden, 

Entrepreneur en photographer

Rosa has provided strong strategic advice for the direction I want to go in marketing for my company. As she asks personal questions, she comes very close to the standards and values ​​that distinguish my company from the rest. It is good to see that she has a lot of knowledge, she gives clear explanations in a clear presentation. She immediately responds to unexpected questions and deals with them extensively, and has a very calm attitude that radiates reliability and professionalism.

It was a pleasant experience that I would do again and can recommend to everyone.

Ellemijn Nonkens

Living Yoga Collective

New Post on the amazing workshop I attended last weekend with two super inspirational coaches "Noeska Adriana & Rosa Hoynck". So grateful to learn from you both.

Rozemarijn Koopmans,

Rosa helps us on a regular basis to fine-tune our communication plans. She gets to the bottom of things with her analytical eye and goal-oriented approach. She keeps us accountable in every session. We are very happy with this collaboration!

Jildou Oostenbrug, 

Persoonlijk leiderschap coach

I hired Rosa for a 1-on-1 session to discuss my own brand strategy. I needed a fresh look and new inspiration. Rosa delivers quality and really gives everything she has in one session. She knows what she's talking about, goes the extra mile, is very experienced and challenging. And all this with unbridled enthusiasm. A lovely person to work with. I am entering spring with an enormous amount of inspiration and concrete tools.

Rob Ittmann, 

 De Nieuwe Poort

Rosa is a marketer pur sang with a great sense of the purpose of your company. Does more than is required with enormous power. Rosa is happy to add you to your team, wherever.