Interesting story telling case

A couple of weeks ago I discovered the podcast of “Staatsbosbeheer”. An organization commissioned by the Dutch government to strengthen the position of nature in the Netherlands. Instead of what I expected (interviews with experts and foresters), it appeared to be a different type of podcast. Very amusing and interesting to listen to. The podcast host, Chris, spontaneously interviews all kinds of animals, trees and plants that can be found in Dutch nature. These animals and plants are represented by Dutch actors, who really got into the role and characters of for example a whippoorwill or a sand lizard. Animals and plants that Staatsbosbeheer protects or reinforces. It is quite a funny podcast and the story telling is really on point.

Unfortunately, it is in Dutch, however I thought it is nice to share here and to give some inspiration about options to interact with the audience. I think it is a good example of how you can use story telling to clearly communicate what you are trying to do as a governmental organization.

For the Dutch people if you are interested: the podcast is called “Groene Oren”. I listened to “Gentiaanblauwtje” with Lies Visschedijk and “Zandhagedis” with Leopold Witte.