Brainstorm sessions

Get an instant shot of inspiration. 

You need a boost in your strategy-, marketing- and communication plans, however running daily business is taking all your attention and it is difficult to make the time and find the energy to start. 


You need an accountability partner. Someone who can give you the kick start you need. A new pair of eyes who can open up your perspective for sparkling fresh ideas, and make them actionable. 

During a creative brainstorm we gather ideas, get come clear focus points and next steps. 

How does it work?

We discuss your needs during an intake call and plan a brainstorm date with you and your team.


The week before the brainstorm we have a call to set clear goals for the day.

Full day / half day

Depending on the needs and goals a brainstorm can take half or full day. After the brainstorm you get a recap and some clear action steps as formulated during the brainstorm. You always go home with actionable next steps. 

Online / offline 

Brainstorms can take place online or offline. Both options are very effective. The full day brainstorm online will be split into two or three days, to keep the energy high. 


Half day brainstorm (4 hours) €295,-*

Full day brainstorm (8 hours) €590,-*

* Prices are ex. vat, lunch and location. For every budget I know a good brainstorm location. 

Not sure if this is for you? Plan a free intake call to see if a power boost session can help you further.


"Rosa helps us on regular basis to strengthen and boost our communication plans. She gets to the core with her analytical view and action oriented approach. She keeps us accountable in every session and we are very happy with this collaboration!" 

- Rozemarijn Koopmans, Cofounder of Multitude



Rosa Hoynck van Papendrecht

Amsterdam (& Valencia) based


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