My name is Rosa Hoynck van Papendrecht. From a young age I have always been a connector. Someone who can easily open up to other people and is able to connect different ideas, visions and people together. The effect of pure inner curiosity to the world around me. 


I gained experience in the advertising-, event-, media- and television- industry, managing projects, developing content and leading several online- and offline campaigns. 

Along the way I noticed that purpose driven organizations, start-ups, impact makers and creative entrepreneurs most of the time started because they had business idea, born from a strong inner drive or passion. This sparkled my own inner drive to be part of their journey, to go on an adventure together. To make them stand out by helping them formulate their message clearly. 



I empower organizations, start-ups and creative individuals with a strong inner drive to become impactful brands. Helping them grow by discovering their true potential, creating a strong blue print and working hands-on to spread the word. 


I gained my marketing and strategy knowledge at:

- FEL (advertising agency)


- &C Media