Connection is powerful! Scientific research proved that connection with other people makes us happier (Leo Borgmans). 


I believe that stories are one of the most important ways to connect. Stories can touch us, mirror us, comfort us, inspire, motivate and activate us into doing something. 

From my point of view, organizations play an important role in telling stories. They have the ability to spread the word and reach a lot of people. They have the power to get more people think about certain topics and make them act up on it.


This is exactly what I love doing, helping organizations & individuals to become impactful brands. By discovering their true potential, creating a strong blue print & working hands-on to spread the word. I believe that through the right story, good ideas, beautiful initiatives and impactful services can grow, inspire and eventually - connect. 


Do you want to work together within content, marketing & strategy? Or you want to brainstorm on the story behind your business? Just give me a call or send me an email!


& Rosa



My name is Rosa Hoynck van Papendrecht. From a young age I have always been a connector. Someone who can easily open up to other people and is able to connect different ideas, visions and people together. The effect of pure inner curiosity to the world around me. 


I gained experience in the advertising-, event-, media- and television- industry, developing content, managing projects and found ways of communicating with an audience.

However, I knew I wanted to do more, make a difference and contribute to ideas and projects that really matter. I decided to start for my own. To be able to work for all kinds of impact makers: small or big, commercial or non-profit. To explore what it means to create a personal brand for your own, to start a business and to connect to all kind of initiatives all over the world. 

Along the road I began to experience the strong connection between personal development and strategically growing your business. Being able to formulate a strong vision and mission that explains to what it is you trying to create, depends on how good you know your own values.

My personal mission is to explore what it means to do business in alignment with your own personal values. In a way that you not only say what you do, but you actually live your brand. I believe that only then you will be able to make a difference. For all your stakeholders.


This of course triggers some questions: what is the impact of knowing your personal values on your business? What does it mean to be in alignment with your personal values? How does that look like? And are connected leaders better in creating impactful organizations & attractive brands?  Questions that I don't know the answer of, but curious to explore...


Rosa Hoynck van Papendrecht

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