In the 1-on-1 sessions we will work together on the challenges you face that are holding you back in achieving growth. 

I have experienced how important it is to make sure your business becomes an extension of what you truly believe in. It helps you attracting the clients, partners and employers that share your mission. It gives clarity, structure and focus.

However this can be quite challenging from time to time to face on your own. Therefore I created the 1-on-1 sessions. For entrepreneurs, employees and starters.

In these interactive coaching sessions we work together on the challenges you have in working towards something you believe in. This can either be very personal or business wise, or both, since these two are always connected. I help you facing these challenges, so you can continue to grow and make the impact you believe in. 

Not sure if this is for you? Schedule a free call to see if I can help you further.


Whether you are a starting entrepreneur, already longer in business or an employee on a mission, it is helpful to sit down with someone who can help you to get some clarity. To gain a new perspective, fresh ideas and sometimes even concrete action plans.

This is for all the entrepreneurs or employees with an idea, who need  clarity and focus while working on a mission to make an impact. 


From a young age I have always been a curious person who is  interested in getting to know new people. Someone who can easily open up to other people and is able to connect different ideas, visions and people together. These sessions allow me to help people tell & clarify their story, so that they can inspire and help others.​  


I have gained experience as a marketeer and strategist in the event-, advertising-, and media industry (i.a.: FEL, RTL and &C) and gained insights in psychology, branding and experimented with proven strategy tools (Brand Thinking Canvas & 23plusone). 

To be able to help you get some clarity during the challenges you are facing, I'm following a certified coaching training at The Upstarter Amsterdam.




On a personal level you have plans and ambitions but somehow "you're not getting there". You feel that you are running in circles and something is holding you back. Or you want some guidance in formulating what drives you. 

On a business level* you want to make the next step, but don't know how. You need more clarity on how to get there. Or you are starting a new project or idea and would like to structure your thoughts around it?


*You don't need to have a business for your own, this is also helpful for employees and starters. 


  • Discovering what drives you, so you can face your challenges with more clarity.

  • Feeling empowered, confident and clear in your next step (both on personal or business level).

  • Doing business/projects in alignment with your personal values. 


It depends where you are and what you need to grow at this point. Therefore we formulate the challenge you are facing during the (free) intake and we will work on that in the coaching sessions together. If you don't know what your challenge is exactly is at this point, no worries, I will help you with that.

In the sessions we focus on you and your challenges. I ask questions and give some examples, to help you in your proces. 






1,5 hour per session

We work on a concrete challenge you are facing right now. In the sessions we focus on getting more clarity how to handle the challenge. This could either be personal or business wise, or it could be a combination of both. 

All prices are excluding VAT.




1,5 hours per session


After these sessions we worked on discovering your personal values and what is holding you back to live according your values. We explore how we can integrate these in your daily live and in your business

All prices are excluding VAT.




1,5 hours per session


You feel overwhelmed or confused in your business, project or personal live. Something is holding you back to live by your full potential and to follow your dreams and ambitions. Together we work on what it is that is holding you back. Besides getting clarity you are also going to work on some concrete plans to implement your insights in your live or business. 

All prices are excluding VAT.


Great! Let's work together on your challenge. Only 4 steps away from growing yourself and your business:

 Step 1: schedule
Email or call to schedule an intake. 

Step 2: intake

We discuss your challenge and what package will be suitable.

Step 3: session

We have our session(s) at my office in Amsterdam or online. 

Step 4: insights

You have more clarity, new insights and more focus, maybe even actionable points to work on. 


No problem, let's schedule a (free) intake call together and see if I can help you. If not then we had a nice chat anyway! 

Rosa heeft een sterk strategisch advies gegeven voor de richting waar ik in wil gaan met de marketing voor mijn bedrijf. Doordat ze persoonlijke vragen stelt komt ze heel dichtbij de normen en waarden die mijn bedrijf onderscheiden van de rest. Het is goed te merken dat ze veel kennis heeft, ze geeft duidelijke uitleg in een heldere presentatie. Ze springt meteen in op onverwachte vragen en behandelt die uitgebreid, en heeft een hele rustige houding waarbij ze betrouwbaarheid en professionaliteit uitstraalt. 

Het was een prettige ervaring die ik zo over zou doen en iedereen aan kan raden. 

- Zoë, Pixelie.nl

I sat down with Rosa hoping to get some insight as to who I want my target audience to be and how I can best reach them.
I was so pleased with how much more I got out of this 1 on 1 session! Rosa was extremely organised and had multiple exercises for us to work through together.
I left feeling so motivated with a really clear vision as to what I need to do next in order to grow my business. I couldn't recommend Rosa more!

-  Amy Gartrelll Images


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